Traumatic Dissociation, Emotion Dysregulation, and the Loss of Self: Toward a Pathway of Recovery

Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland
14 Jun 2018
15 Jun 2018




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Four dimensions of consciousness, time, thought, body, and emotion often show drastic alteration as the result of traumatic experience. Although these alterations in consciousness may be adaptive during traumatic events, when sustained following traumatic exposure, tremendous hardship may occur. How do we recognize such trauma-related alterations in consciousness? What predicts the occurrence of altered states of consciousness? Does the emergence of the self arise through the integrated experience of these four dimensions of consciousness? How can we intervene effectively to overcome such altered states, and how are those changes represented in mind, brain, and body?

This workshop will discuss treatment challenges frequently encountered in trauma treatment from a clinical and neurobiological perspective.  Practical strategies illustrated through role play on how to deal with these difficulties will also be outlined throughout the seminar. The importance of the therapeutic alliance and the effect of traumatic re-enactments on the part of both the therapist and the client will be discussed. Integrative therapeutic interventions aimed at restoring the self through resolution of key symptoms (dissociative flashbacks, dissociative voice hearing, out-of-body experiences, fragmentation of the self, self-mutilation, affect dysregulation, including high intensity emotional states, positive affect intolerance often resulting from the experience of shame, and emotional numbing) will be discussed. Moreover, treatment approaches focusing on re-establishing interpersonal functioning and preventing the inter-generational transmission of trauma will be reviewed. Finally, effective means of preventing vicarious traumatization in therapists will be identified.

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