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Emergency Registration and Licence

For a list of registrants issued an Emergency Licence to participate in the COVID-19 response, click here


NP Prescribing Information

For a list of the NPs authorized to prescribe Buprenorphine - Naloxone (Suboxone) and/or Methadone, click here


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Welcome to CRNNL’s Member Search. This easy-to-use tool is intended for employers and the public to verify the registration status of all CRNNL members who hold a current practicing license, Interim license, or non-practicing membership, and whether there are any conditions on an RN's practice.

This information is public information under the Registered Nurses Act (2008). CRNNL is required to have a register of members available to the public.

If you require further information on a member’s status, please click on the status description (e.g., practicing) to see the definition.

To display the business address and telephone number for a nurse practitioner (NP), click on the individual NP's name.

If you have additional questions or believe there are any discrepancies, please contact CRNNL Registration Services at 709-753-6040, ext 1 (1-800-563-3200 toll free in NL) or email

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