Legal Assistance Plan

The Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador (ARNNL) Legal Expense Assistance Plan was established in January 1984 to financially assist members of the association when a complaint has been lodged against them in accordance with Section 21 of the Registered Nurses Act.

Basic Rules of the Plan:

  1. Policies related to the Plan are vested with the Council of the ARNNL.
  2. The Executive Director shall implement the Plan within the policies set down by Council.
  3. The Plan is funded by mandatory yearly contributions made by all members of the ARNNL and is remitted with the annual licensure/membership fee.
  4. The yearly contributions and any interest earned are shown separately on ARNNL financial statements.
  5. Monies from this account are paid solely for the legal expenses incurred under the ARNNL PCR process.
  6. The ARNNL Council may, from time to time, review the guidelines and make revisions as deemed appropriate.

Monies are paid in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • The sum paid to a member under this plan is to assist in defraying legal costs under the PCR process but is not necessarily intended to cover all of the nurse’s legal costs associated with the PCR process. 
  • The maximum amount payable under this Plan, per official allegation/complaint is $2400.00. 
  • When more than one allegation/complaint has been received against a nurse, and all of the allegations/complaints are being dealt with simultaneously, for the purpose of this Plan, they are considered to be one allegation/complaint.
  • The nurse will be eligible for access to the Plan one time only; 
  • The nurse must submit to the ARNNL an itemized legal bill before any payment of money is made. 
  • The monies are to assist with legal costs related to a formal hearing or alternate dispute resolution process such as: 
    • Consultation 
    • Corresponding with ARNNL and/or its legal counsel 
    • Preparing statements of fact and/or agreements 
    • Preparing for and attending a PCR Hearing 
  • Monies will only be paid at the conclusion of the PCR process. 
  • Monies will be paid to the nurse directly or at the nurse’s written request monies may be forwarded directly to her/his legal representative or an official organization which may have made payments for legal expenses pending completion of the ARNNL’s professional conduct review process. 
  • The ARNNL will not commit to a nurse the payment of any sum of money prior to conclusion of the PCR process and receipt of a legal bill.

Effective October 23, 2015

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