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As the province’s nursing regulator, the College of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador (CRNNL) is accountable to the public to ensure that nurses have the knowledge, skill and judgment to practise safely. As part of the legislation of requirements an applicant must meet to become a nurse in Newfoundland and Labrador, CRNNL requires those applying to practice to have passed a regulator-selected and approved exam.

In January 2015, CRNNL and other provincial/territorial Registered Nurse (RN) regulators began using the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). The decision to use this exam was based on extensive research on the requirements needed by RNs entering the profession, a thorough business case and a reviewed RFP process. Read more about the due diligence CRNNL Council applied.

Student Resources are available in the Apply-Registered Nurse section.

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Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Frequently Asked Questions – October 15, 2019

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) has been conducting the research and development of the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) project in an effort to better measure the clinical judgment ability of entry-level nurses. Early NGN research found that nurses are responsible for a significant proportion of the judgments and decisions made in healthcare and newly licensed nurses are required to make progressively more complex decisions about patients. These research findings and NCSBN’s mission to support nurse regulators in their important work related to public safety were reasons to explore enhancing the measurement of clinical judgment within the NCLEX.

To provide a more detailed understanding of the NGN project, as well as the research and development that has been conducted by NCSBN, a Frequently Asked Questions document has been provided to answer questions related to NGN. For the Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Frequently Asked Questions document, please click here.

Additional information on the NGN project can be found on the NCSBN website.   

CCRNR Releases 2018 NCLEX-RN: Canadian and International Results Report - July 31, 2019

The Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR) is pleased to publish the 2018 NCLEX-RN Canadian and International Results Report. This report includes a summary of graduates from Canadian and International nursing programs who have applied for registration/licensure in Canada and wrote the NCLEX-RN in 2018. Please visit the CCRNR website for more information.

NCSBN 2017 Practice Analysis – May 30, 2018

NCSBN performs job (practice) analysis studies every three years. These studies are used as the basis for the development of the NCLEX-RN test plans. The practice analysis includes the identification of nursing activity statements by a panel of Subject Matter Experts (SME). The activity statements are incorporated into a practice analysis survey that is sent to a representative sample of newly licensed RNs. The SME panel and new licensed RNs includes representation from Canadian jurisdictions using the NCLEX-RN exam. For the NSCBN 2017 RN Practice Analysis click here.

Next Generation NCLEX Special Research - June 30, 2017

NCSBN is currently conducting a Next Generation NCLEX research project to assess the ability of current and potential innovative items to assess clinical judgement. Beginning in July, 2017, NCSBN will present a Special Research Section as part of the NCLEX-RN administration. The Special Research Section will be given to select candidates taking the NCLEX-RN and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. This section will be administered following a candidate’s regular NCLEX exam and will not count as part of their NCLEX score. For Next Generation NCLEX Special Research Section Questions and Answers, please 


Summary of NCLEX-RN Resources

Fact Sheet: NCLEX-RN: One Step in Ensuring Safe Care (2015)

Regulatory Document: Competencies in the Context of Entry-Level Registered Nurse Practice (2013-18)

Canada-NCSBN Entry-Level Competency Statement Comparison

2017 RN Practice Analysis: Linking the NCLEX-RN® Examination to Practice (U.S. and Canada)

2014 RN Practice Analysis: Linking the NCLEX-RN® Examination to Practice (U.S. and Canada)


Commentary on McGillis Hall, L., Lalonde, M., Kashin, J., Yoo, C., & Moran, J. (2017) Changing nurse licensing examinations: media analysis and implication of the Canadian experience (2018)

Response to Salfi J., and Carbol, B. (2017). The Applicability of the NCLEX-RN to the Canadian Testing Population: A Review of Regulatory Body Evidence (2018)

Review of the Quality of the French Translation of the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN®) (2016)

NCSBN response letter to CCRNR regarding RN Competency Comparison - October 19, 2015

NCSBN response letter to CCRNR regarding Translation - October 21, 2015

NCSBN letter to CCRNR regarding concepts related to the Food and Drug Administration and Obamacare - October 21, 2015

NCSBN letter to CCRNR regarding Generic Drug Names - November 11, 2015

NCSBN Memo to CCRNR regarding NCLEX-RN® Passing Rate - December 7, 2015

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