Committed to Competence: RNs & NPs Sharing Continuing Competence Plans

Original Presentation: January 10, 2017

Short Description:

This Presentation will review the Continuing Competence Program (CCP) requirements outlined in the RN Regulations (2013) and CCP licensure renewal requirements. The presenters will also provide an overview of the CCP Program components & give examples of their Learning Plan, CCP Audit process and CCP resources.


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Michelle Carpenter RN, BN, MEd, Nursing Consultant – Policy & Practice, ARNNL

Pam King-Jesso RN, BN, MN, Nursing Consultant – Policy & Practice, ARNNL

Tracy MacDonald BScN, RN, MHS, Risk and Patient Safety Manager, Corporate Improvement, Central Health Regional Office

Lisa Hussey RN, MN, NP, Eastern Health


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