ARNNL Council Election 2019 - Meet Your Candidates

ARNNL Council is comprised of 10 registered nurses (RNs) elected by the membership and four public representatives appointed by the Independent Appointments Commission (IAC). The RN Act (2008) staggers the terms of office for the RN positions. This means that this year, ARNNL is required to conduct an election for Domain Councillor for Advanced Practice and Domain Councillor for Practice.


All ARNNL members (practicing, non-practicing and honourary) across the province are eligible to vote for their preferred candidates for each of the positions, however, each voting member will have the opportunity to 'click to vote' once only so be sure to finish your voting in one visit.




Margot Antle

Graduate: Memorial University, 2010

Postgraduate Courses:  Master of Nursing:  Nurse Practitioner, Athabasca University (2016)

Present Position:  Nurse Practitioner – Long Term Care, Eastern Health

Professional Activities:  Shop Steward, RNUNL, May 2017-present; Member, Long Term Care NP working group, October 2016-present.

 “I wish to run for Council to have a voice in the regulation of advanced practice nursing in the province.  The NP role, in particular, is growing seemingly by the day and I see it as vitally important to have a practicing NP involved in ARNNL discussions and decision-making.”



Kelly Barron

Graduate: Memorial University, 2000

Postgraduate Courses:  Master of Nursing, Memorial University (2007); Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Instructor, Canadian Pediatric Society, 2008-present; Infant-Driven Feeding:  Advancing oral feeding practice in the NICU, 2017; Breastfeeding Essentials Course, 2014; Diploma of Perinatal/Neonatal Nursing, George Brown University, 2001.

Present Position:  Nurse Practitioner – Pediatric, Neonatal, Eastern Health

Professional Activities:  National Association of Neonatal Nurses; Member, ARNNL Nurse Practitioner Standards Committee (2014) 

 “Practicing as a Nurse Practitioner for over 11 years I have seen first-hand how the ARNNL And the Council shape policy to advance nursing practice.  I was a part of the ARNNL NP Standards Committee as we made the change from Practice Protocols to Practice Standards, which allowed NPs to broaden their practice to meet their competencies.  I strongly believe that there remains a great amount of untapped potential in the RN and NP role and what they can do to advanced health care for the people of Newfoundland.  I see a position on Council as a way to be involved in shaping policy that will allow nursing roles to thrive in an ever-changing health care landscape.  I look forward to being at the forefront of the discussion on how the ARNNL can propel nursing standards forward to improve the health of Newfoundlanders through a capable and competent nursing community.”





 Krysta Simms

Graduate: Western Regional School of Nursing, 2007

Postgraduate Courses:  Master of Nursing:  Nurse Practitioner, Athabasca University (expected graduation – December 2018); Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course Certification, 2015; Canadian Nurses Association Emergency Certification, 2014; Nursing Leadership Development Course, Memorial University, 2013; Nursing Stroke Management Course, Eastern Health, 2012; Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certification, 2012; Advanced Foot Care Course, Western Health, 2010; Heart & Stroke Basic Life Support Instructor, 2010; Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification, 2009; Trauma Nursing Core Course Certification, 2008.

Present Position:  Registered Nurse I, Bonne Bay Health Centre, Rural Health/Medicine/Emergency/Long Term Care

Professional Activities:  Shop Steward & Secretary of Local Branch 41, RNUNL, 2012-present; Executive Member & Vice President of the Nursing Society, Western Regional School of Nursing, 2003-2007

“I would like to run for Council because I want to become more actively involved in the ARNNL.  I always read the website and newsletter updates, however, would like to know more about the inner workings of the Association.  I would like to become more involved in a leadership role and feel this would be a perfect opportunity.  The Council is involved in promoting healthy public policy, a key concept I learned as I completed my Masters of Nursing.  I have worked a variety of nursing areas in several hospitals and feel I can provide a good voice to promote nursing practice, regulation, and public protection.”



 Tamara Taylor

Graduate:  Memorial University, 1998

Postgraduate Courses:  Master of Nursing, Athabasca University; Community Health Certification

Present Position:  Regional Home Support Program Coordinator Community Supports Program, Eastern Health

Professional Activities:  Member, ARNNL Quality Assurance Committee; Member, Various Committees in Eastern Health

 “I wish to run for Council to participate and contribute to the highest standard of practice in Nursing.  I feel that I could make a valuable contribution to the Council with my knowledge and experience.”




Mark Tipple

Graduate:  Memorial University (Fast Track), 2007

Postgraduate Courses:  Mental Health Crisis De-escalation, Applied Suicide Intervention and Skills Training, Critical Incident Response Training, Bachelor of Arts, Certificate in Criminology, Diploma in Applied Information Technology

Present Position:  Mental Health Crisis Intervener, Mental Health and Addictions, Eastern Health

“I have a profound interest in contributing to the effective regulation of registered nursing within our province, and look forward to doing so within the role of Domain Councillor. I feel that I can provide a qualified and impartial voice in ensuring effective regulation of nursing-based practice within Newfoundland and Labrador.”






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