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Registration NP Member Search

Welcome to ARNNLís NP Member Search. This easy-to-use tool is intended for employers and the public to verify the registration status of all ARNNL members who hold a current Practicing license, Interim license, or Non-Practicing membership, and whether there are any conditions on a nurseís practice.

By inputting part of the memberís first or last name, or ARNNL registration number, into the appropriate field below, the user is able to see the individualís registration status, registration effective date, and any conditions on their practice. This information is public information under the RN Act (2008). ARNNL is required to have a register of members available to the public.

Effective April 1, 2013, ARNNL will no longer issue paper license/membership cards to members. ARNNLís online RN & NP Member Search tool will be the sole way to verify the registration status of all members. Online public registers are considered to be the best practice in the regulation of health professionals because this method of registration verification minimizes the risk of illegal practitioners fraudulently obtaining employment and is a more accessible mechanism for checking a professionalís registration status.

Verification requests are processed in real-time based on information contained in our member database at the time of the request. A processing delay may occur between the time an individual applies for registration until approval is granted and the information is entered into the register.

If you require further information on a memberís status, please click on the status description (i.e., practicing) to go to a list of definitions. If you have additional questions or believe there are any discrepancies, please contact ARNNL Registration Services.

Telephone: 709-753-6040, ext 1
Toll Free in NL: 1-800-563-3200

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