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Examination Candidate Bulletin Available

NCLEX has released the Transitional NCLEX Examination Candidate Bulletin for Canadian NCLEX Candidates. This publication provides exam writing applicants in Canada with all the information they need about:
• registering for and scheduling their exam
• what to bring to the exam test site
• rules and regulations for the exam
• what happens on the day of the exam
• test plans and other resources that will help them prepare
• how the exam pass or fail is determined

The document also contains information about fees, how breaks during the exam are handled, and how to make a request for special accommodation.

NCLEX Resources Online

NCLEX has provided Canadian candidates with links to online resources that will help them learn more about, and prepare for, writing the exam.

Ways to Connect with NCLEX

This newsletter highlights milestones in the transition to the NCLEX, and provides information about the exam development process and answers to frequently asked questions.

Social Media
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NCLEX-RN Webinars
In December 2012, the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators and the National Council of State Boards of Nursing presented an NCLEX Examination Webinar. The webinar provided an overview of the role of regulatory examinations, why the NCLEX was selected for Canadian RN entry to practice, an introduction to the elements of computerized adaptive testing and NCLEX development, as well as information on how students and educators can prepare for the NCLEX in 2015.

NCLEX Volunteers for Item Development
NCSBN is pleased to have received a large number of qualified Canadian  volunteers for item development panels and will keep a record of all applicants. Panel selection is an ongoing process and it may be several months before volunteers hear back from NCSBN regarding participation. Thank you to those volunteers who have expressed an interest to date.

Answers About the NCLEX

The NCLEX Frequently Asked Questions for Canadian Educators & Students, available in English and Français, provide information around exam development, content and administration, as well as how educators can prepare for the implementation of the NCLEX-RN exam in 2015.