Call for Nominations to CRNNL Council

September 25, 2019

Would you like to contribute to the decisions that govern your professional regulatory body? Run for a position on Council or nominate an RN you feel has the potential to make a valuable contribution to the profession.

Available positions:

As per the CRNNL Bylaws (2019), to be a candidate for election you must:

  • hold a current CRNNL practicing license;
  • reside within the province;
  • meet the nomination criteria for the position;
  • not be the subject of an allegation or have been found guilty of conduct deserving of sanction (as defined by Section 18 of the Act); and
  • not be a CRNNL staff member or served on Council for a continuous period exceeding nine (9) years.

Any member in good standing (practicing, non-practicing or honourary) is eligible to nominate an RN for a position on Council.

For more information about your role on Council, see details in the Role and Expectations of Council Members.

Please see the Call for Nominations for further details and criteria, along with links to the online nomination forms.

If you have any questions, please contact Christine Fitzgerald, Secretary to the Committee on Nominations, at

Deadline for receipt of nominations is 4:30 pm on Wednesday, November 6, 2019.


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